Mountain man folder

Handle antler and forged spring stock

Blade Damascus chain saw

Hunting Knife

Overall length 230mm Blade 120mm.

Hand forged 1084 Blade differentially heat treated.

Australian hardwood handle with Brass file worked guard

Blade has convex grind.

Damascus Bowie

Overall length 280mm blade 140mm.

Random pattern 243 layers of L6 and 1095

Differentially heat treated.

Handle Stag with brass file worked guard.

Spike Knife

Overall length 220mm Blade 100mm

Hand forged with super quenched Blade.

Convex grind

Spike Knife

Overall length 220mm Blade 130mm

Hand forged with super quenched Blade.

Convex grind

Hand forged rustic folder

Handle is temperature blued with brass inlay

Blade differentially heat treated 5160 carbon steel


Forged from 5160 with pinned brass handle and guard.

3 jewels inlaid each side of handle

Damascus Bowie

189 layer random Damascus bowie with brass guard and pommel North Queensland mulga handle.

Damascus Axe

62 layer random patten 5160 and 1084

Firemans Axe

Hand forged 5160

Drop point hunting knife

Drop point hunter hand forged from 50mm 440c stainless bar.

Pinned stag handle.


Overall length 230mm.

Handforged L6 blade differentially heat treated

58 RC. Handle Nth Qld Black Wattle

Railway spike from GHAN

Forged with incised twisted handle

Upswept Skinner

1084 with black bean handle

Survival Knife

Hand forged survival knife

52100 steel with stainless guard and pins.

440c kitchen knife

This knife was STOLEN

Forged 440c with tig welded 316 stainless handle.

Art knife

Hand-forged 5160 steel with pinned mulga wood handle

Damascus hunting knife

Hand-forged from L6 & 5160 carbon steel.

237 layers of random twisted Damascus with brass furniture and antler handle. Butt plate stamped with birth date

Throwing Knife

5160 with mulga handle and forged iron guard,

Birth Knife

Made from 5160 carbon steel and antler. Custom made to cut Umbilical cord for home birth, and presented to child on 16th birthday.

Copper name plate on opposite side for engraving.