Gothic Door Bolt and Keeper

Hand-forged using traditional processes Hot punched and riveted. Hand polished.

Large Door Handle

Traditionally forged. Pineapple twist and hot punched and chisel cut ends. Hand polished.

400mm x 65mm

Door hinge

Traditionally forged, chisel cut and decorated

350mm x 150mm

Large Door Bolt and Keeper

Traditionally forged. Chisel cut and riveted Black metal polished.

Leaf End Draw Bolt

Ideal for garden gate

Hand forged with raised vein leaf

300mm x 100mm

Kahn Hinge

Traditionally forged chisel cut and hot punched

280mm x 300mm

Large Door Hinge

hand forged chisel cut and hot punched

500mm x 150mm

French Door Bolt

Handmade and polished

Can be padlocked

Deadlock Bolt

Internal deadlock bolt for large door.

Utilizes keyed lock.

Can be designed to work on any door.

Slide Bolt

Used with keyed dead lock.

Front side of above lock.

Hardware for Thumb latch

Hardware latch mechanism for

Thumb latch pictured below.

Opposite side of door than handle.

Handle with Thumb Latch

Traditionally forged with Thumb latch.

Pineapple twist hot punched and polished.

Pair of Traditionally Forged Handles

Hot punched, upset ends with pineapple twist in center.

Hand polished.

Door Handles

Traditionally made from round stock. Hot punched and upset ends.

Hand polished

Door handle for private residence

Organic Door Handle

Hot punched and hand forged leaf and tendrils.

Incised dragon fly on back plate

Door Knocker

Long hand forged drop bolt for tall security doors

Organic Kitchen door handles

Drawer Pulls

Made to order.

Hand forged Hinge

Chisel cut and polished.

Will make to any design.

Hooks made to order

Forged leaf end hot punched and textured.

Polished finish.

Coat and hat hook

Forged ball end with forged hook

Door Combo

Handle and matching door lock

Custom made.

False hinges

Organic style.

Hand polished with gold highlight.

Trunk Hardware

Custom made hinges, handles and decorative elements

Forged Stainless Steel door hardware

Custom made from Stainless steel Copper brass or black iron.

Organic front entrance Handles

Designed for rainforest retreat

Pair if leaf and tendril handles to suit glass infill doors.

Pair leaf organic handles

Designed for rain forest retreat.

Dragon Handle

Hand forged dragon and leaf handle.

Flower door handle

Forged from iron and copper.

Organic thumb latch

Hand forged handle and lock.

Heavy Drop Bolt

Designed for two heavy gates

hand forged from 20mm steel with upset draw handle. Incised and polished.

Leaf handle Bolts

Made to order for Stable door.

Organic leaf handles

Hand-forged leaves and vines twisted around to form door handles. Designed for rainforest retreat.

Forged Leaf Handles

Hand forged chisel cut Finish hand polished

Thumb Latch

Traditionally forged with leaf thumb latch.Used for internal doors.

Barn door pulls

Hand forged. Ring 150mm

Large door handle

Forged and textured. Hot punched standoffs. Flowers wrap aroundwith vines.

Made to suit existing glass doors.

Nickel plated handle

Hand forged to suit large glass doosr. 800mm long textured and hot punched. Nickel plated finish.


Designed for present to put on the lock bridge in Paris.

Love heart shaped with traditional rivets and hand forged key.

Large latch

Hand polished.

Brass & Timber handle

Polished brass and Australian spotted gum

Dragon Door Handles

Hand forged for large wooden doors.